• About Us

    In 1956, Jim Pounder began his career in the field of watch making and repair right here in Spokane where he grew up. His fascination with watches grew, and he expanded his operation to include watch sales. As his interests expanded so did his family, and together Jim and Colleen Pounder entered into the dazzling world of fine jewelry.

  • Family Business

    Pounder's remains a locally owned and family operated business. Along with son C.J. Pounder, his wife Andrea, their son Brock and an outstanding staff of jewelry professionals and craftsman; they continue to offer fine Swiss made watches, beautiful diamonds, quality gemstones and extraordinary fashion and bridal jewelry.

  • The Showroom

    With a commitment to innovation and creativity, Pounder's has established a reputation for being creators of beautiful custom designed jewelry. The store is located in a lovely, spacious facility which includes a full service jewelry production and repair shop, and, remaining true to our roots, watch and clock repair.

  • "Our Sense of Social Responsibility and Practices"

    You have the full assurance and commitment of Pounder's Jewelry that we provide the very best in fine jewelry values with care and concern for people in our communities and in the world where we live and work.

  • Harmony Metals:

    Pounders Jewelry works with a truly earth-minded refiner and manufacturer that has provided socially and environmentally-responsible products and services for over 95 years.

  • Gemstones:

    Gemstones are treasures from the earth. We show our appreciation by ensuring that both the environment and the people who mine, cut and craft our gemstones have been treated with respect. Therefore, it is important to us that our sources for gemstones protect and promote the quality and integrity of our gems as well as empower the economically disadvantaged and respect the environment.

  • 501(c)3 Jewelry - Jewelry Supporting a Cause

    In 2010, C.J. Pounder, along with his wife Andrea and their son Brock, formed the non-profit organization 501(c)3 Jewelry - Jewelry Supporting a Cause. The primary mission of 501(c)3 Jewelry is to help provide support to orphan children and widows worldwide.

    The secondary purpose is to partner with native craftsman, and in doing so increase their opportunity to earn a living-wage in jewelry manufacturing. We are marketing and selling those creations in the United States, directing all profits back to orphans and widows in the originating country. 501(c)3 Jewelry is available to purchase at Pounder's Jewelry in Spokane WA. For more information visit www.501c3jewelry.org

  • Conflict Diamonds

    Conflict diamonds are rough or un-cut diamonds that have used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments. It is very important to Pounders Jewelry that we do not deal in any way with this practice. We are in total support of the diamond industry as it has enacted reforms and new practices against such corruption.

    As a Pounders customer you can be confident that comprehensive measures have been taken to assure that the diamonds we sell are conflict- free. We require all vendors to sign an agreement pledging that they will not knowingly buy or sell conflict diamonds. We are supporters of the Kimberley Process and the System of Warranties, an industry program of self-regulation. For more information, go to http://www.kimberleyprocess.com/